As our world continues to be more and more complex, we also have smarter and smarter tools to help us navigate.  We recommend the following tools:


Tax Filing Tool:

File your own tax return using our software:  Our software provider hosts a “file your own” website which uses the same software as we use in our office.  This tool is appropriate for any taxpayer who wants to file his or her return.  This could include students who worked a summer and/or part time job and are filing a tax return to claim a refund of the income tax withheld.  This website will also be useful for taxpayers who file their own return and are looking for a reliable “file your own” site at a reasonable price.  Click on the button to file your own return:

EFile Shiny Blue


Health Insurance Tool:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most Americans to have some form of health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty.  The law is complex and the impact is far-reaching. The impact on individuals depends on a variety of factors, including insurance status, income, age and health.  Click on the link to shop for health insurance, .


Accurate Records Tool:

TaxPocket is a free app for your smart phone.  If you want accurate records minus the paperwork, TaxPocket could be the solution.  This app combines several powerful features into the solution you need for fast, accurate and secure tax record keeping and reporting.  TaxPocket includes a Mileage Tracker, Business Expense Tracker, Medical Expense Tracker….  Thoroughly document each expense or donation by title, amount, date, expense category, expense type and add photos of receipts to each record.  Reports are created in CSV formats that transfer easily.  See more at or go to your app store to download.