At Associated Business Services, we believe every client deserves quality service at a reasonable price. Our office is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, but small enough to give you individual attention.

We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and focus our advice on your specific needs.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Effective tax preparation and good tax planning are key to minimizing future tax liability. We can help you manage both your personal and your business tax issues. Planning includes understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa. Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. Our understanding of how the latest federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business make us a trusted source for tax planning.

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We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services. We use Quick Books to complete monthly bookkeeping services that include entering transactions, reconciling bank statements, entering after- the-fact payroll for clients who bring the transaction data to our office. We also offer monthly bookkeeping at your business. We enter bookkeeping transactions, process checks to pay bills, prepare payroll and produce monthly financial statements all at your office. We make “office calls”.

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Payroll Services

Payroll management can be an ongoing challenge for business owners. We offer a full range of payroll services: preparing payroll checks, using your payroll information to prepare quarterly payroll tax returns, preparing annual payroll tax reports and W-2s. Each business can choose the level of service that fits their needs and skill set.

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IRS Representation

An IRS audit or notice can be an intimidating and complex process. If you or your business faces an IRS audit, we can bring to bear years of experience in dealing with tax matters and IRS audit procedures to ensure that you are properly represented when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities.

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Sales Tax Services

State and local tax authorities are looking to maximize sales tax collections. We can help you understand and manage your sales tax obligations and prepare sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements are an important tool for management decision making. Financial statements also represent your business to lenders, partners and other interested parties. We will work closely with you to develop accurate and timely financial statements.

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Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Estate matters affect everyone. Advance planning today, can ease the way for your heirs during a very difficult time. We are available to handle all estate and trust tax-related matters.

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Business Startup Planning

The business entity –LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc. -that you select for your business has enormous financial and tax implications. It is important that you make the best decision for your circumstances. We can explain each choice and its implications.

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QuickBooks Consulting

We are available to answer questions and coach you on setting up Quick Books and efficient techniques for entering transactions.

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Business Consulting

As a true business partner, we are available to help you deal with any business problem or opportunity. We stand ready to engage in business consulting projects to help you make the best decisions for the future of your business. Whether you have questions related to expanding, selling or restructuring your business, we have the necessary business knowledge and analytical capabilities to help you on the road to a decision.

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